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Why Should You Choose a Pediatric Dentist for your Child?

Maintaining the health of a child is every parent’s priority, and while we pay extra attention to their general health needs, taking care of their oral health should be given just as much importance. Much like your family paediatrician is responsible for your child’s overall well-being, a pediatric dentist plays a crucial role in the well-being of your child’s oral health.


Pediatric dentists undergo extra years of training to become specialists in dealing with children and understanding their specific oral health needs. The job of a pediatric dentist is aimed at the prevention, detection and treatment of all kinds of oral issues children may face. They are experts in treating kids of all ages, from infancy to adolescence, including children with special needs.

Pediatric Dentist


Benefits of Having a Pediatric Dentist for Your Child


  • Healthy oral attitudes and habitual caring for their teeth should be ideally established at a young age in children. Regular visits to the pediatric dentist can help children understand the importance of caring for their oral health. Moreover, positive experiences at the dental office can influence all future interactions children may have with their dentists in a positive manner.


  • Having a pediatric dentist can help in the early detection of any dental problems in children, which may have the potential for becoming worse oral conditions in the future. Receiving dental care from a young age can set them up for having healthy smiles for the rest of their life.


  • Pediatric dentists usually take a holistic approach towards treating your child, taking care of not just their oral health but also identifying environmental factors that may contribute towards their poor dental health. This can include dietary choices of the child, and oral habits such as thumb sucking or teeth grinding that can affect the dental health of the child.


  • Apart from fixing dental problems, a pediatric dentist also teaches children about the right ways to perform oral hygiene and take proper care of their teeth and gums.


  • Children can visit their pediatric dentist till they are well into their adolescence and until they are ready to move onto a general dentist. A child’s dental needs change as they grow older, and pediatric dentists assist in the overall well-being of your child’s dental and oral health.


What to Look for in a Pediatric Dentist?


It may seem like taking your child to the pediatric dentist within the first year of their life is too early. However, this is the time when their first baby teeth start coming out, which is an essential part of their dental development. Introducing your child to their pediatric dentist at an early age allows them to become comfortable with being in a dental office and helps them overcome any potential dental anxiety they may develop in the future.


Some of the key features to look for in a pediatric dentist include –


Adequate Training:

Pediatric dentists need to gain additional qualifications and extra 2-3 years of training beyond dental school to become experts in the field of children’s dentistry. The special training gives pediatric dentists a unique perspective into the behaviour and psychology of children. They become better equipped to treat children while ensuring that dental appointments are a pleasant experience for them.


Apart from catering to children’s regular oral health needs, pediatric dentists are also trained to provide dental care to children with special needs. Such children may require extra care and attention at the dental office, and pediatric dentists offer setups and treatment modalities that allow children with special needs to remain calm and comfortable while getting treated in the dental office.

Fun & Welcoming Environment:

Children are more prone to having dental anxiety than adults. For this reason, it is important that children feel comfortable with the dental staff and in the dental office. Pediatric dental clinics are often designed with bright colors and a fun ambience that lets children feel more at ease in the presence of their dentist.


Moreover, pediatric dentists are great at making boring tooth-brushing and flossing activities appear exciting by incorporating them into fun lessons. In addition to this, the supportive staff in a pediatric dental clinic are just as well-trained in understanding the psychological needs of a child and making them feel welcome.


Approach Towards Treatments:

A caring and patient pediatric dentist takes a child’s apprehensions into consideration before starting and even during a dental treatment. A lot of children may want to start and stop multiple times during a procedure, which is a situation pediatric dentists are adept at handling in a kind and reassuring manner.


Additionally, most pediatric dentists choose to take the preventative road to ensuring the well-being of your child’s oral health. Preventing the development of dental problems in your child’s mouth is always better than waiting for them to develop a cavity so they can be treated by their dentist. Treatments like dental sealant and fluoride application are the most commonly done preventative measures in a child’s mouth. A pediatric dentist who can understand the mouth of your child and take measures to recognize dental problems before they become worse should be the ideal choice for you.

Nature of Initial Consultations:

Your child’s early consultations with the dentist can be the deciding factor of what their future relationships with the dentist is going to look like. Ensuring that the initial interactions of your child with their dentist are of a pleasant nature can help build a trusting relationship between them. This gives children an incentive to want to take care of their teeth and gums and develops healthy oral habits in them.


Most of the time, a child’s first visit to the pediatric dentist does not involve any procedure and is more of a ‘meet and greet’ with their doctor. This first visit is aimed at introducing the child to the dental environment and giving them the opportunity to accustom themselves to the setup


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