A Dentist’s Perspective on your Teeth and Overall Health


There is a lot your family dentist will have to tell you about your teeth and overall health.

Having a bright smile and healthy teeth are much more important than having good looks. Your teeth are a reflection of who you are and how you feel. They have a deep impact on your perspective of others and indicate your overall health. It is essential for you to look after your teeth and notice when there are any changes. If the change is prolonged or looks serious, you should immediately visit a family dentist near you.

At Anoka Dental, we have the best team of family dentists to serve you. A Family dentist will help you understand what your teeth say about your life and wellbeing.

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Your Teeth will tell if you are Stressed

Your teeth can tell how stressed you are in your daily life. If you wake up in the morning with a sore jaw, grinding your teeth at night might be the cause. This habit tends to cause extensive damage to your teeth. Your day-to-day habits literally have an impact on your teeth. Teeth grinding is usually a symptom of stress, anxiety or anger that you may be going through. It can also be an indicator of how aggressive or competitive you are as a person. Stress that causes teeth grinding needs to be addressed before it leads to more severe health issues. You can get a dental night guard to prevent your teeth from being ground down. Next, you should talk to your family dentist and discuss the problem.

Your Teeth will tell if you need to adjust Medication

Some medications that you take have an impact on your oral health. They can a reduction or increase your mouth’s saliva production, and affect the overall environment of your mouth. Swollen gums are a sign that the dosage or the medication you are taking need to be adjusted. Certain drugs stimulate the growth of gum tissue which makes it harder to brush and floss. As a result, you may start suffering from tooth decay and periodontal disease. If you notice any change in your oral health, contact the doctor whose medication you are taking. Your doctor will tell whether you need an adjustment or not. You should visit your family dentist to check if there has been any negative damage caused to your teeth.

Your Teeth will tell what you feel about Yourself

The way you look has an impact on how you feel about yourself. If your teeth are discolored and decaying, you might not feel good about your looks. Studies show that people with missing, discolored, or unattractive teeth reported upsetting impact on one’s self-image. People who are extrovert and social tend to become shy and introverted due to damaged or bad teeth. These negative emotional impacts have shown that your teeth will make others know what you feel about yourself.

Taking good care of your teeth is extremely important to feel positive about yourself. They are nature’s gift to you, but you have to ensure you keep them clean and healthy. Unhealthy and unattractive teeth can negatively impact other people’s perception of you. You should maintain an oral care routine to ensure you have a healthy mouth.

By visiting your family dentist regularly you will be aware of any changes that can indicate problems in your mouth. Our best dentists will look after all your dental needs and guide you to take care of your teeth.

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