Why You Should Avoid Soda If You Want to Keep Your Teeth Intact

Soda! As much as you relish chug-a-lugging a glass of fuzzy, popping, sweet drink, it is time you burst your bubble and got some facts straight. We commonly hear that carbonated sodas are bad for our oral health, but many of us fail to understand why. The biggest reasons why sodas should be avoided for optimal oral health are:


Unless you are consuming diet soda, normal sodas are loaded with high sugar levels, which are the core food for acid producing bacteria to eat, survive and to make acids that will erode the protective enamel layer of your teeth, making it vulnerable to cavities, tooth decay, and loss.


Sodas have high acid content and low PH value. Frequent direct contact with acid encourages the growth of acid producing bacteria, making your teeth prone to erosive damage. Over time, you will develop a range of dental problems, none of which are pleasant to deal with.


Sodas contain different added acids, flavors, and preservatives, citric acid being the most dangerous. This is because citric acid binds calcium and sucks it out of your teeth, therefore leaving it highly exposed to the erosive effects of other soda contents, like sugar and preservatives. So, you can imagine how much of a bad news sugar combined with acids are for your teeth.


It is true that diet sodas don’t have high sugar levels, but they are still acidic. And ultimately, acid is the most dangerous factor when it comes to your tooth enamel and overall oral health.
Although hard, soda lovers can try switching to less acidic alternatives, like water with lemon juice or herbal tea. If that doesn’t work out, rinse your mouth after drinking soda, get regular checkups and maintain a healthy, balanced diet.