Oral Hygiene Myths You Should Know Better Than to Believe

Unless you a dentist or an oral hygienist, you have to rely on others to tell you about oral hygiene and overall dental care. Usually, people go online to search for information regarding dental issues. However, they don’t always check the source before they apply the tips and information provided online. The concern here is that there are many oral hygiene myths going around and if you believe and try them, they can cause serious problems for your dental health.

To make things easier for you, here’s a look at some oral hygiene myths you should know better than to believe:

  • Having white teeth doesn’t necessarily mean your teeth are healthy. Yes, infected and weak teeth lose their color, but the color of the teeth is not the best indicator. You might ignore dental problems just because your teeth are shiny white. This is one myth you should ignore!
  • Brushing is not only meant for the teeth but for the gums and tongue as well. You have to keep your gums and tongue clean as well to ward off dental problems. So, should anyone tell you shouldn’t brush around your gums, you shouldn’t believe them.
  • Sugar is bad for your teeth but there is more to it than that. As you would know, sugary foods can cause decay and other dental problems, but you might suffer them anyway if you don’t follow good oral hygiene habits. If you brush your teeth after eating a sweet treat, the damage can be minimized.
  • Last, but not the least, and probably the silliest of the lot is that you can ignore flossing. Dentists around the world recommend that you floss daily. Yet, some ‘experts’ who have you believe that flossing does nothing but cause your gums to bleed and increase the gap between your teeth.

These are some oral hygiene myths you shouldn’t fall for. Now that you know about them, you will be able to take better care of your teeth. For more info call us or book an appointment online.