The Proper Way to Brush your Teeth

Brushing your teeth is not rocket science. In fact, you can do these four simple brushing guides in the way that your dentist will do your teeth.

Brush two teeth arches separately

Brushing your upper and lower teeth together in upward and downward strokes, like most of us do, is actually not advisable. The reason is that the plaque that built upon the upper teeth will be moved to the bottom teeth and vice versa. So when you brush, open your mouth wider so that you separate both your upper and lower teeth.

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Brush in a circular motion and sweep plaques away

Most plaque buildups are in the gum lines. Plaques accumulate just 15 minutes after you brush. When we bite or chew your food, they are usually pushed toward our gum lines and stay there. So, when you brush, for example, let us imagine brushing the front teeth. First, tilt your toothbrush 45 degrees angle to your gums. Then, brush your gum lines in a way that you are as if doing small circles. Brush in a circular motion and then lightly sweep those plaques away from the gum lines.

Now, the size of your toothbrush matters here. Small toothbrushes are more efficient for this circular technique compared to the big ones because they reach all the areas of the mouth. You will know if your toothbrush is too big if you need to open your mouth wider.

Brush gently

For the inner chewing surfaces of your teeth, you can scrub them but be aware that the proper way is to brush gently. Avoid scrubbing your teeth very fast or press very hard even if you are in a rush. When you over-brush your gum tissues will wear away and that leads to receding gums. Dentists say that receding gums will expose your teeth crowns which eventually expose the roots. This might lead to oral health problems. Every time you brush, use a lighter touch because you only need a little force to remove plaques.

Brush wisely

Brushing your teeth properly will only require 2 minutes of your time. To do this wisely, you have to divide your teeth into four imaginary sections. You can spend 30 seconds on each section. Then, do that circular pattern and sweep technique above for two teeth at a time.

Additionally, be mindful which section of your teeth you brush the most or the least. It is best if you switch your brushing patterns from time to time. Most sophisticated electronic toothbrushes nowadays have built-in features that help you track your teeth brushing patterns if you prefer using them.

The proper ways to brush your teeth are simple but well-thought off disciplines that you can apply should you need to change any wrong habits. So the next time you brush, open your mouth, target your gum lines, don’t be too hard on your teeth and be patient. What are two minutes compared to a lifetime preservation of your chewing machine?