Diet to Improve Dental Health - Dentist - Anoka Dental, MNDental health is more important than most people think, and a healthy, balanced diet is crucial for improved dental well-being. Gum disease is usually associated with low levels of minerals and vitamins in the bloodstream while snacking on acidic and sugary foods contribute to tooth decay. A strong and healthy set of teeth and gums requires a diet that contains:


For a healthier mouth, you need to incorporate in your diet fresh vegetables and foods that are rich in lean proteins. Furthermore, avoid all types of processed foods, especially those which contain excess sugar.

Take your daily dose of fish oil, which is packed with omega-3 fats.

For bonus marks, change your diet in a way that it contains most or all of the nutrients/foods listed below:

Altering your diet to include these nutrients will surely contribute to overall improved dental health. Call us now or book an appointment online for more information.