Dental Crowns

Smile represents the beauty inside you; through this, you bring joy and inspire them as well. That is how important your smile is. It describes your personality and aura of the day. But there are cases you are conscious to smile because of your oral health. We do love to eat sweet food and drink cola after we eat. These are major causes of cavities that kill the foundation of your teeth. Your teeth have strong structured and formation, but yet it might destroy because of cavities, sweet foods and week proteins badly needed for your teeth.  But no worries at all medical world has discovered a new procedure in threatening this problem and will boost your confidence again!

What are crowns?

These are dental crown shaped like a cap used to cover over the tooth to protect your weaken tooth, that cannot sustain pressure in chewing anymore. This is an alternative replacement for the damaged tooth to make it useful again without cavities. It comes in various size and types suited personal for each patients tooth.

Porcelain Crowns types and uses Anoka MN

These are the different types of dental crowns available for you to choose and pick:

All Porcelain Crown

This is best for people with allergies in metal. Porcelain dental Crowns is good for front teeth, they match the color and provides uniformity of your teeth. This fitted in different sizes structures made purposely for each tooth.

All-metal Crown

This is made out of gold alloys, nickel or chromium, a metal crown is very durable that can take biting and chew hard food. This is best for the teeth at the back that can’t be seen directly like molars.

All –Resin Crown

This is the most affordable type, but less compatibility and durability compared to the first two types. This is not an advisable type hence this is prone to fracture. Moreover a good choice for your low budget.

Porcelain–fused Metal Crown

This type of crown is adjustable to your teeth shape, color and structure, But it easily breaks compared to other types. This will also cause a circular dark structure of your crown.

Temporary Crowns

This is made of acrylic and stainless steel that serves as the temporary repair of the permanent crown as it was still in process.

IMPORTANCE: In order to have these replacement teeth, you need to undergo a process or procedure of restringing broken teeth to be covered a cap or what we called dental crowns. This is commonly needed when there is a large in the tooth. This is the best initiative way to have good looking and healthy teeth for a long period of time. Dental crowns are important to avoid tooth decay and damage tooth from breaking or cracking. It restores the broken tooth, covers misshaped, large filling and discolored teeth.

To undergo this procedure you need to consult your dentist and performs the correct process to ensure safety and complications. Choose whether you will have a temporary or permanent cap on your teeth that suited you.