6 Dental Tips for Healthy Teeth

Having a great smile is just one of the benefits of keeping up with your dental health.  Keeping up with your oral hygiene has many benefits from keeping your teeth and smile looking good, to help you stay healthy. There are many medical issues that can be diagnosed with regular dental checkups from your family dentist. Here are 5 healthy dental tips to help keep your oral hygiene in check.

tips for dental health

1. Proper Brushing

One of the best and easiest healthy dental tips is properly brushing your teeth on a regular schedule. You should brush your teeth at an angle of 45 degrees near the gum line. Both the gum line and tooth surface should be in contact with the bristles. Making sure not to brush too hard. This should be done on both the outside of your teeth and the inside of them. It is recommended to brush your teeth twice a day.

2. Flossing

Flossing can be one of those things with our oral hygiene that is easy to forget. It is usually one of those afterthoughts when it comes to our dental routine. Flossing can help remove any unwanted pieces of food from between your teeth. It can also help remove any buildup between them that brushing cannot get. You should floss at least once a day.

3. Avoid Tobacco products

This one healthy dental tip is one of the more important ones you should abide by. Tobacco use can cause oral cancer, it also can negatively affect your teeth. Another reason why tobacco use can be bad is many people will attempt to mask the smell of smoke with mints or candies. These mints and candies usually have a high sugar content which can wreak havoc on your teeth.

4. Sodas, Coffee, and Alcohol

Often these beverages contain a very high level of phosphorus, which can help with having a healthy mouth. But it is easy to consume too much, which then can cause a depletion of calcium. Which calcium is essential for tooth health.

5. Calcium and Vitamins

Calcium is something you need plenty of, to keep your teeth healthy. Drinking fortified milk, juice, and yogurt can help you get enough calcium in your diet. Calcium supplements can also help if your doctor determines that you are deficient in Calcium. Vitamin D is also something you should consume, not only does it help with the processing of calcium, it can help to keep your teeth healthy.

There you go, 5 healthy dental tips to help keep your teeth and you healthy. It is best to try and follow all of them, but if anything you should really avoid tobacco.

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