Dentistry for Children: common mistakes parents make with kid’s teeth!

A child’s teeth are way too sensitive and they should be properly taken care of. However, due to lack of information parents often tend to make mistakes which are very harmful to the children in the long run. Following are some common mistakes that parents make in terms of their child’s teeth-

Parents usually put their kids to sleep with a bottle of milk or juice in their mouth so that they can sleep in a better way. However, this is a mistake because this means continuous contact of the teeth with the sugar present in those liquids which is harmful. This can also lead to tooth decay. Therefore, it is suggested to put a bottle filled with normal better in baby’s mouth in order to put them to bed.

  • Letting kids brush their own teeth

Children want to be independent and think they can brush their own teeth by themselves. Parents often think that since their kids want to brush their teeth themselves, they should let them do it as it is not that of a big deal. However, children do not have the coordination necessary to do a good job of brushing their teeth until they are about 8-10 years of age. It is after all your duty to teach them the right technique.

A young Girl Brushing her teeth

  • Letting a child use a Pacifier for a long time

Kids love sucking on a pacifier but it shouldn’t be allowed for a long time. It affects the alignment of teeth and it can also be a cause of orthodontic problems in the future.

  • Thinking Baby Teeth Aren’t Important

Many parents think those baby teeth or milk teeth are not that important since they will fall out and they don’t take care of them as well as they would be concerned for permanent teeth. However, baby teeth are more important as they help a child eat nutritious food and assist in speaking. They would also hold spaces for the permanent teeth that will come in later. A cavity in a baby tooth can cause a child pain that can lead to tooth loss which can affect the alignment of teeth. It would gradually result in getting braces for the child.

  • Postponing the first dental visit

Parents tend to delay the first dental visit because they think their kid doesn’t need to see a dentist until he or she has a full set of teeth. However, children must see a dentist by their first birthday. When you visit the dentist with your child then they will examine your child’s teeth and note any primary signs of decay or any other problem. The dentist can also make recommendations about nutrition, hygiene and the use of pacifiers and bottles.

  • Not using the appropriate amount of fluoride

One of the best ways to protect a child’s teeth from cavities is with the help of fluoride. Many places have fluoride present in their drinking water. If your town does not then you can give your child supplements. Your baby can also obtain it from toothpaste. Standard mistake parents make is using too much toothpaste which leads to fluorosis and causes discoloration.

  • Giving children food that causes a cavity

Parents often give their children sweets that they like out of love. These food items can lead to cavities. Even food that seems healthy like raisins and crackers can get stuck to teeth and lead to decay. If you give your child sweets or sticky food then do serve them in moderation; preferably with meals when the mouth produces more saliva and brush your child’s teeth as soon as possible. A dentist is as important for a kid as it is for an adult. Get in touch with us and we will take care of your child’s teeth.