Do e-Cigarettes Affect Your Dental Health?

E-cigarettes are rapidly popularizing as an alternative to traditional cigarettes due to the ‘healthier’ label. Consumers wrongly assume there are no harmful effects to these water vapor substitutes and are therefore encouraged to smoke more. Although e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco, they do have nicotine as an ingredient, which is extracted from the tobacco plant, and they do not produce any smoke. Instead, they are powered by battery and function by producing an aerosol that is ‘vaped’.

The problem is that e-cigarettes have not been thoroughly studied, as concluded by the FDA in 2014, making consumers unaware of the potential risks that come along with the consumption of nicotine and other harmful chemicals inhaled during the use.

A woman smoking a vape

Although clinical research about the impact of e-cigarettes on our health is still in progress, it is a no-brainer that nicotine can actually affect your oral health, even if it comes in smaller doses as compared to traditional cigarettes.

So how can nicotine affect your dental health?

Nicotine Causes Halitosis

Nicotine causes Vasoconstriction, narrowing of the blood vessels which then reduce the quantity of blood that can travel through the veins, that in turn hampers the body’s saliva production. Sparse supply of saliva can leave your mouth vulnerable to bacterial build-up, tooth decay, and a dry mouth- all of which are prone to cause bad breath or halitosis.

Nicotine Leads To Gum Recession

As a vasoconstrictor, nicotine inhabits the gums from getting sufficient nutrients and oxygen required to stay healthy. It prevents the tissues in the mouth to attain enough blood that is needed to survive, thus causing the gum tissues to die.

Nicotine Strengthens Teeth Grinding

As a stimulant that fuels the muscles, nicotine makes you grind teeth more strongly if you are already a grinder, deepening the damage.

Overall, e-cigarettes are not free of health damage, and can in fact negatively affect your oral health. For more information call us now or book an appointment online.