Family Dentist- Tooth Fairy for all

You might have a number of needs and different ways to fulfill them. However, in the matter of your dental health, a family dentist is all you need. A family dentist focuses on ensuring a positive dental experience not only for you but for your entire family irrespective of the age group.

Some people are unaware of the fact that a family dentist is different as compared to a general dentist. The difference between them is as follows-

The foremost goal of a general dentist is to help you maintain a healthy smile. While this is the target of all dentists, general dentists may restrict their patients to a certain age group. Let’s say your dentist won’t see patients under the age of 18and you have a child who is 10 years of age. In this case, you would have to look for someone else for your kid.

The chief difference between the two is that a family dentist specializes in dental procedures for all ages. Instead of visiting various dentists, you can take care of your family’s dental needs in one convenient location.

Family Dentist in Anoka

Family dentists focus on edifying patients of all ages on teeth cleaning practices. A family dentist can not only teach a toddler how to brush but he can also show an elderly patient the correct way to take care of their dentures. A family dentist will ensure that you and your family members maintain good dental care. All the facilities for all age groups are available in one place.

A Family Dentist does a number of things. Some of the services that a family dentist provides are as follows-

Regular Checkups 

It is very important to have a dental checkup every six months for patients of all age groups. It helps to detect oral issues like tooth decay and gingivitis in their primary age and treat them before they become severe. These checkups also ensure that your child’s teeth are developing properly.

Fluoride treatments and dental sealants 

Fluoride treatments and dental sealants are both considerable ways to prevent tooth decay. It is very common in children due to their intake of sweets and other food items.

Cavity checks and fillings

Tooth decay is a common and completely preventable childhood disease. Family dentists specialize in identifying and filling cavities and treating patients of all ages who are suffering from tooth decay.


Many people tend to have crooked teeth. Orthodontic treatment straightens the teeth and moves them into an aligned position. This improves their appearance and the way the teeth bite together. It also helps to make them easier to clean.

There are various benefits to selecting a family dentist. The most obvious benefit is having the ability to schedule appointments for the entire family.

Family dentistry has specialized experience in providing quality dental care to children. It is important for children to go to a dentist that is aware of their needs and has the ability to educate them on oral hygiene best practices at an early age. Family dentists care for oral health at every stage of life, allowing you and your child to go to the dentist together.

Therefore, a family dentist is all you need for all your dental related problems irrespective of the age group.