Why Early Dental Visits Are Important?

When you held your baby in your arms for the first time, you likely experienced a feeling that you have never felt before.

Your parental instincts kicked in making you feel that you must do everything in your power to protect your newborn from harm. The same parental instincts may have spread in all the important aspects of your life by now and that’s great.

However, have you ever thought that you should apply the same instincts to care for the teeth of your child?

Often times, we forget about taking care of our own teeth let alone paying attention to our child’s teeth. That’s where early dental visits at dentistry for children come into play to protect your child’s teeth from harm.

With early dental visits at dentistry for children, you can ensure your child’s proper oral care. Here’s a brief breakdown of the importance of early dental visits for your child.

Why Bring Your Child to Dentistry for Children

You might think that since the first teeth of your child are not going to be there forever, there is no need to care for them. This kind of thinking leads to oral health issues when your child grows up. Maintaining the dental health of your child in young age will provide benefits in adulthood as baby teeth play an essential role in the development of permanent teeth.

Baby teeth serve as a guide for permanent teeth as they hold the space in which new permanent teeth will be erupting. The crowns of all permanent teeth push up against the baby teeth’s roots and cause them to melt away. This way, adult teeth take the place of baby teeth.

If early dental visits at dentistry for children are ignored, the baby teeth of your child might suffer from cavities which mean that the new permanent teeth which will take their place could be adversely affected as well.

First Dental Checkup at Dentistry for Children

It is recommended by the American Dental Association that the child should be brought for a dental checkup at a dentist by the age of 12 months or as soon as their first tooth appears. The visit to a dentist will reinforce essential dental habits that you are teaching them and help your child become more confident with dental visits.

At first visit of your child, the dentist will check to see that the jaw and teeth of your child are developing properly. The dentist will also look for mouth injuries, cavities or any other issue.

The Benefits of Early Visits at Dentistry for Children

Many parents neglect early dental visits for their young child, which often leads to negative effects on the oral health of the child. A most common disease among children within the United States is tooth decay despite the fact that it can be prevented with regular checkups and good habits. The reason is neglecting early dental visits of children.

It is important to ensure that the primary teeth or baby teeth of your child stay in place until the child loses them naturally. A child with healthy baby teeth generally has a much easier time with chewing food, retaining nutrients and speech development. If the dentist finds a cavity in your child’s teeth, they can use fluoride applications to protect teeth from further decay.

Now that you know the importance of early dental visits for your child, don’t ignore them. Come at our dentistry for children for a dental check-up of your child. Call Anoka Dental at (763) 421-4002 today to schedule an appointment or fill out the form on the contact page.