How to Get Rid of Food Stuck Between Teeth

Getting food stuck between teeth is one of the biggest annoyances. It always happens when a person enjoys a nice steak, popcorn, or even casually having dinner with family and friends.

It is common for food to get wedged between the molars in the back of the mouth, or maybe a piece of cracker kernel wiggled its way into a small aperture. In these instances, it’s entirely normal. There are many reasons why food gets stuck between a person’s teeth. But there are underlying reasons why this may be a common occurrence for others.

Keep reading to know more about the common reasons that result in food stuck between teeth.

Tips to Avoid Getting Food Stuck between Teeth

Some tips to avoid getting food stuck between teeth include:

  • Rinse after eating

Avoid Getting Food Stuck between Teeth

Firstly, try swishing water around the mouth to dislodge any food after eating. Usually, the more complex food becomes to remove, the longer it is stuck between your teeth. When you feel food in your teeth, swishing right is essential to get it out immediately.

  • Brush after every meal

Stubborn food particles require a little extra push to get loosened from teeth. Brush your teeth gently after finishing a meal if swishing does not do the trick. Flossing is another great way to get it out if you know exactly where the food is stuck.

  • Avoid these foods

Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, or any other fruit or vegetable with tiny seeds can leave you with those seeds tucked securely in the furrows of your back molars.

Another pesky food that makes it home in your teeth is popcorn because its kernels are curved and rigid and can often fit perfectly around your tooth at the gum line. These are very tricky to remove.

If you consume these foods, try using your tongue to loosen any seeds or kernels that may get stuck. The tongue is always the first defense to get food out of teeth.

  • Carry flossers with you

Food Stuck Between Teeth

Instead of using the classic toothpick, always carry a single-use flossing utensil to dislodge food from your teeth. Generally, these flossers are made from plastic and have a small pick through one side and a small floss strung on the other. Toothpicks can break into small splinters and injure gums, while these plastic flossers are sturdier than wood.

  • Consider aligners

Food Stuck Between Teeth

If food consistently gets trapped between the same set of teeth, correcting the bite is the best solution. Teeth can easily trap food in a little gap between them when slightly spaced apart.

Subsequently, these teeth are prone to tooth decay because this space more frequently comes into contact with particles and is harder to clean. Whether you have always had this gap or if it happened over time, bringing your teeth closer will ensure a healthier bite.

  • Fix damaged teeth as soon as possible

Cracked teeth and cavities can invite food into these tiny formed crevices. If you notice any areas where food gets stuck repeatedly, bring these teeth to the dentist’s attention. Once the teeth are sealed and repaired, food will no longer be able to make its way into these tiny holes.

Causes of Food Stuck between Teeth

Causes of Food Stuck between Teeth

Generally referred to as a food trap, food can become stuck between the teeth when the gums pull away from the teeth, creating a gap.

If you notice food stuck between teeth almost every time you eat, you should schedule an appointment with the dentist in Anoka, MN, for an exam.

They’ll look at the area to determine the cause of the food trap and treat it. Some common reasons are:

  • Tooth Decay

Usually, decay cannot be seen with the naked eye or even felt. But that does not mean that the cavities aren’t there. Cavities make a great place to hide food by creating a tiny hole in the tooth. Moreover, a dentist at Anoka Dental in Anoka, MN, can place a dental filling to block up the hole and save your teeth.

  • Damaged Tooth

Like cavities and decay, a damaged tooth can provide a great little cave for food to get stuck between your teeth. However, damaged teeth include chipped or broken teeth or an older dental restoration needing replacement.

  •  Gum Disease

Gum disease causes small pockets under the gums giving food a place to wedge, and is a severe condition requiring early treatment to avoid its chance of progressing. However, advanced gum disease is linked to tooth loss and whole-body issues such as an increased risk of heart disease.

  • Gaps

Gaps between teeth that are very big are the key culprit behind a food trap. The dentist may recommend orthodontic treatment or cosmetic dentistry to fill in the tooth gaps.

Worried about Food Stuck Between Teeth?

If food stuck between teeth is a common concern for you, schedule an appointment with Anoka Dental! We will thoroughly examine your teeth and help identify why food particles constantly get stuck between your teeth. Contact us today or call us at (763) 421-4002, and we will be more than happy to evaluate and assist you with any questions or concerns!