Foods that Mask Bad Breath

Halitosis or bad breath plagues over fifty percent of people; you may be one of them. Not everyone may want to hear that they have bad breath or halitosis. Even though one keep our mouths clean by following good oral hygiene, he may find himself having a bad breath. Bad breath can be embarrassing and can develop awkward moments for the people around you, so it is good to know from the dentist what you can do about it.


Bad breath can be caused by a buildup of bacteria in the mouth. Thankfully though, good oral hygiene can drastically reduce bad breath. Also, there are some foods that you can eat (or drink) to counter or mask the effects of halitosis

Foods Rich in Fiber

Switching your diet from high protein foods to high fiber foods not only can keep your waist in check, it can certainly prevent halitosis by helping improve your digestion and then significantly expelling the toxins from your body.  An improved digestive can certainly contribute to regular bowel movements, which in turn helps get rid toxins.

Lots of Water

Water is the world’s universal solvent. It is the healthiest liquid we could give to our bodies. Too often, people would skimp on their water and find their selves having an embarrassing bad breath because of lack of saliva in their mouth. Your body is around sixty percent water.

Water has a lot of benefits for the body, including improving the digestive system, blood circulation, and saliva creation (which help prevent halitosis). Water promotes the production of saliva which cleanses food and drink residue left in the mouth. It is always best to bring a bottle of water with you wherever you go.

Green and Black Tea

Not only are black tea and green tea comforting and relaxing, but also studies show that these also contain polyphenols that can certainly reduce halitosis. Polyphenols can help your breath by inhibiting the growth of bacteria that causes bad breath and decrease the production of bacteria’s byproducts.

However, black tea has caffeine and can dry out the mouth; drinking too much can backfire can and cause bad breath in itself so try to drink black tea moderately.

Sugar-free candy or Gum

Choose especially those sweetened with xylitol as it can decrease the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Chewing gum will also help mask the bad smell of your breath. Studies also show cinnamon can even remove bacteria buildup in the mouth.

Cheese or Unsweetened Yogurt

According to one scientist, eating cheese can neutralize bad-breath-inducing dietary acids stuck on the teeth. Also, regular consumption of unsweetened yogurt can reduce the level of hydrogen sulfide, which causes halitosis. Yogurt also gives your body live bacteria to counter bad bacteria in the mouth

Crunchy Fruits

Try putting on the effort to eat fresh fruits instead of junk food for snacks. Fruits, especially the crunchy ones like carrots, pears, and celery, aid in enzyme production. Crunchy fruits also scrub your teeth and clean food residues left in the mouth.

You should try these foods or get in touch with an expert dentist to find a cure for your problem!