General Dentistry

The General Dentist

According to The Academy of General Dentistry, a general dentist provides the primary dental care for patients of all ages. Patients go to the general dentist for the diagnosing, treating, managing and overseeing of all their oral health needs. He is an expert in dental care. The general dentist is very knowledgeable and highly-trained on all aspects of dentistry, rather than focusing in just one specific aspect of dental care. Through your general dentist, you can be in contact with whatever dental specialists are needed, and have access to a wide range of dental info and techniques to help you in keeping a bright, healthy, smile.

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The Academy of General Dentistry

The Academy of General Dentistry, a non-profit organization made up of over 35,000 dentists throughout the United States and Canada, is devoted to continuing the education of its members and improving dental care and treatment for patients. Started in 1952 its mission is stated “to serve the needs and represent the interests of general dentists and to foster their continued proficiency through quality continuing dental education in order to best serve the public.” Those who are members of the Academy must show a dedication to excellence that is measured by accomplishing at least 75 hrs of dental training and education every 3 years.

How is the Academy of General Dentistry different?

The Academy of General Dentistry is the only dental organization that was started for and is governed by general dentists, dealing solely with the needs and interests of general dentists. The Academy works to protect and strengthen the dentist/patient relationship by enhancing freedom of choice for patients and raising public awareness of dental health. The Academy provides resources for information on dental health and acts in an advisory role in dealing with issues in dental health. With its dedication to knowledge and further education, the Academy of General Dentistry is committed raising the awareness of the general public on matters of dental health, and motivating and enabling patients to be able to make educated choices in regards to their dental health. Complimentary dental advice is made available to people through “SmileLine”, the Academy’s toll-free, nationwide dental hotline. Recently, the Academy established SmileLine on the web to offer patients an alternative way to get answers for their dental care concerns, using the internet. On the Academy’s website (, SmileLine on the web allows dental patients to publish their particular concerns on a message board. Their questions are then answered by members of the Academy. The website additionally functions as a resource for people of up-to-date info and technology on dental health.

Other dental professional organizations

When a dentist is listed as a member of the ADA, AGD or other dental professional organizations, it shows they are committed to continued training and education in order to keep current on the newest processes and technologies. Like most medical fields, dentistry is always changing and growing with brand-new research and technology breakthroughs. Dentists who stay current on available treatments and processes are much better able to provide the client the range of diagnosis and treatment alternatives presently offered. Dentists devoted to continuing dental care training are showing a commitment to keep up with the latest advances and breakthroughs in their profession in order to best serve and take care of their patient’s dental health. Because of the Academy requirements for 75-hours of education every 3 years, their member’s education is constantly advancing. Current studies have found that the Academy members, on average, actually put in more than forty hours every year of continuing education. The Academy of General Dentistry is acknowledged as the national resource for the tracking and recording of dental education for general dentists. The Academy additionally offers and sponsors high-quality courses throughout the nation, using regional and constituent academies.