How to Care for Dentures – A Comprehensive Guide

Dentures that are partial or complete can help you by replacing your lost teeth. Even though they are not made of natural teeth, knowing how to care for dentures is essential. 

Cleaning your dentures and caring for them ensures they remain unstained and bacteria-free, allowing you to look your best. Dentures need to be cleaned to remove food residues and any plaque or tartar buildup, just like your natural teeth. 

Knowing how to care for your dentures is a sure-shot way of preventing issues related to bad breath or decay due to plaque. 

How to Care for Dentures – Do’s & Don’ts

Complete or partial dentures can significantly improve your quality of life. 

If you use dentures as a tooth replacement option, it is essential to know how to care for dentures. 

DO – Clean Your Mouth After Removing Your Dentures

Clean Your Mouth After Removing Your Dentures

It is commonly believed that people who use dentures don’t need to clean their mouths after removing them. Cleaning your dentures should not be your sole focus. Keeping your mouth germ free is equally important. Your gums, cheeks, tongue, and roof of your mouth hold bacteria and food debris and must be cleaned thoroughly. 

You can cleanse your mouth with the help of a soft-bristled toothbrush. Ensure that all denture adhesive is removed, and massage your gums if necessary. In the case of partial dentures, make sure to brush and floss your permanent teeth twice a day. 

DON’T – Use Denture Cleansers for Your Mouth

Believe it or not, people are actually lazy enough to have tried this. Cleaning your dentures while still in the mouth is a definite no-no when learning how to care for them. Cleaning dentures in your mouth might make you feel like you are saving time and effort, but denture cleansers are created to be used for cleaning your dentures outside your mouth only. 

DO – Get a Toothbrush Designed for Cleaning Dentures

Make your life easier by getting a toothbrush designed for cleaning dentures. Sure, soft-bristled toothbrushes do the job. But if you want to up your denture-cleaning game, drop by the drugstore and get this tool. These specially designed toothbrushes will definitely give you a hand if you are looking to know how to care for dentures. 

DON’T – Keep Your Dentures Overnight

Another major no-no while caring for your dentures is never to leave your dentures inside your mouth overnight unless your dentist has specifically recommended you to do so. The dentist instructs you to sleep with your dentures on only when your dentures are brand new. In all other cases, remove them before going to sleep. 

DO – Rinse Your Dentures Extensively

Make sure to rinse your dentures properly each time you remove them. This ensures that all the food debris is washed away. Also, denture cleansers are extremely strong and can harm the inside of your mouth if not rinsed off properly. Rinse your dentures carefully every time before putting them back on. 

DON’T – Leave Your Dentures Dry 

taking Care of Dentures

It’s important to remember to not leave your dentures out to dry. When you remove your dentures, always handle them carefully and put them in liquid. 

Ideally, it should be a denture cleaning solution you want to keep your dentures immersed. If you don’t have any and need to remove your dentures, you can immerse them in warm water. Do not use boiling water to dip your dentures, as that may warp the structure. They may also warp if they are left out to dry. 

DO – See a Dentist for Ill-Fitting Dentures

See your dentist ASAP if your dentures are ill-fitting and don’t fit in your mouth properly. Our oral cavity structure changes shape over time, so your denture fitting might also need to be adjusted. Ignoring your ill-fitting dentures can lead to mouth sores, gum pain, or burning sensations. 

DON’T – Skip Your Regular Dental Checkups

Using dentures as a tooth replacement is not a reason to skip your dentist visits. Make sure to visit your dentist twice every year for checkups. Your dentist can help professionally clean your mouth and adjust your dentures in case of a refitting. 

A Step-by-Step Guide to Clean Your Dentures

How to Care for Dentures

Dentures should typically be cleaned thoroughly at least once a day. Learn how to care for dentures properly by going through the steps highlighted below:

  1. Place a soft towel on the surface of your bathroom counter. This can provide a soft cushion for the dentures in case they fall out from your hands while cleaning. 
  2. After removing the dentures from your mouth, rinse them with warm water to help loosen the structure. 
  3. With the help of a soft-bristled or denture-cleaning toothbrush, brush over the dentures gently to loosen and remove any food debris and particles that may be stuck.
  4. Clean all areas of the denture with the help of a denture cleanser or mild soap water. 
  5. Rinse with lukewarm water after completing the brushing. 
  6. Leave to soak in a denture cleanser solution or warm water when going to bed. 

Visit Your Dentist For the Following

  • For your fitting appointments after getting dentures. 
  • If you have mouth sores from dentures that last more than a week. 
  • If you have dentures that have become loose or feel tight. 


Dentures are an ideal way to restore confidence and improve your smile while helping you regain oral cavity function. But knowing how to care for them properly is extremely important. Cleaning your dentures regularly can help maintain your oral health as well as extend the life of your dentures. Contact your dentist to get all the information about how to look after your dentures and to find out how that can help you.