How Many Times Should You Brush Your Teeth in a Day

As you know, thorough brushing is important for your oral health. It is important to know the exact technique of brushing as it is possible that you might be brushing in a wrong manner. Brushing properly keeps your teeth clean and there is less chance of harmful diseases. The number of times a person should brush teeth depends on the diet.

Usually, it is recommended by dentists to brush teeth twice a day, which is after waking up and before going to sleep. But, it depends on your overall health, diet and meal frequency. The safest option is to brush teeth 30 minutes after every meal so that all the food particles are washed away. This is because brushing immediately after the meal would damage your tooth enamel.

A young Girl Brushing her teeth

Brushing teeth at regular intervals will also reduce the risk of diseases and health issues, such as cavities and tooth decay. Furthermore, it won’t let plague and tartar to stick on the teeth. People with braces should brush their teeth more frequently as there is more chance of bacteria attacking their teeth. Older people should also brush regularly and floss their teeth as their teeth have become weak and there is a greater risk of tooth breakage.

The bottom line is you should regularly set appointments with your dentist. It is important for every person to receive proper counseling regarding the techniques of brushing and keeping their teeth clean. It is also recommended that continuous dental checkups will also clean all the remaining impurities. There are some places where the toothbrush cannot reach and professional cleaning is required in such case.

Therefore, it can be said that dental checkups and brushing at regular intervals is the key to a healthy mouth and a nice shiny smile, enabling you to preserve the look and health of your pearly whites.