Time to Overcome your Fear of the Dentist

Are you afraid of visiting a dentist?

You are not alone who fears a dentist and dental treatment. There are people all around the world who avoid visiting a dentist out of fear. Many people visit the dental clinic only when it is urgent.

Sitting on the dental chair and going through a check-up with different tools is a common concern. The goal of our amiable dentists is to make you feel the most comfortable and help you overcome the dental phobia.

Reasons behind your Fear of the Dentist

There are many different reasons for developing the fear of the dentist. The reasons may vary individually but dental phobia can be elaborated through some common reasons-

  • A Bad Dental Experience of the Past: It has been witnessed that most people have developed this fear since they were children. If you have had a bad experience at the dental clinic in the past it is difficult to forget. Many people are unable to forget the pain they felt during a check-up or dental treatment when they were young.
  • Anxiety: A person is likely to develop dental phobia if he is suffering from any anxiety disorders. People with anxiety will always fear the unknown so they anticipate the pain their dental visit can cause. You will develop feelings of nervousness even before experiencing the situation of sitting at the dentist’s office.
  • Lack of Patience: Some people lack patience and control both when sitting in the dentist’s chair. People suffering from post-traumatic stress become worried when they have no control over the situation.
  • Bad Teeth: People having dental phobia try to avoid the dentist as much as possible. Not visiting the dentist on the scheduled date can severe the dental problems if any. When the problems grow they need some serious dental treatment which may cause pain. The serious dental treatment will cause them to again avoid the dentist in future.

Different Ways to Overcome your Fear of the Dentist

If you are committed to overcoming your fear of the dentist you can be in a winning situation. There are different ways to do so-

  • Meeting your Family Dentist: It is best to appoint a family dentist whom you know well personally. If you are undertaking any dental treatment, meet the dentist in person beforehand.
  • Be Open about your Dental Phobia: You should always explain to your dentist about your fears. The dentist will divert your attention from the dental session by talking of something of your interest. You can also ask to see the various instruments used by the dentist and also the procedures involved.
  • Take a Friend or Relative with you: Take along a friend or relative to calm you during the treatment or check-up. A friend or relative can reassure you that there is nothing to be fearful about.
  • Take your Headphones: Seek your dentist’s permission to carry your headphones and use them during the dental session. Take noise-canceling headphones that can block the outside noise and help you relax at the same time.
  • Know the Different Pain Management Options: Most of the dental phobia comes from the fear of the pain you might feel. You should consult about this with your dentist so that he can suggest the different options. Some commonly used pain management options are- use of topical anesthetic and laser drills.

These effective tips and advanced planning can help in alleviating your fear of the dentists.

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