How to Prevent Crooked Teeth

There are both health and aesthetic concerns attached with crooked teeth. Not only do they lead to gum disease, but they also cause speech problems. For helping children and adults to prevent, it is important that we practice good oral hygiene habits from childhood.

As bad as they look, crooked teeth can also cause bad breath. Unless you have eaten raw garlic chunks, the bacteria present in our mouth usually cause bad breath, which is difficult to eliminate in the presence of crooked teeth. Other problems related to it are swallowing problems, speech difficulties or a change in facial appearance.

Teeth Sensitivity problems

The Role of Genetics in Having Crooked Teeth

Sadly, even if you practice a good dental hygiene regime religiously, you may still end up dealing with crooked teeth. This happens because of genetics. If one of your parents had it, chances are you and your child can fall victim to it. However, this does not mean in any way that you should not look after your teeth. Regular dental hygiene practices and frequent visits to your dentist can assist in preventing other dental conditions caused by crooked teeth.

Early Detection of Crooked Teeth Helps

Closely monitor your own and your child’s teeth and gums so you can identify crooked teeth. When you detect them early, it helps to have them corrected as they grow. This early detection may also prevent the need for braces. Thanks to the recent dental correction methods, such as Invisalign, patients do not need to rely on bulky metal braces to correct their smile.

A few studies have established that a better-looking smile boosts your self-confidence. This enhanced level of self-esteem also leads to better cognitive ability. For this reason, make sure you keep your children from thumb or dummy sucking as soon as possible so that they don’t develop crooked teeth.