Snoring is typically common in men and overweight people but can affect just about anyone. You may flick away the habit as merely ‘annoying’ or ‘embarrassing’, but it is surely more than that. Some of the causes and effects of snoring are relatively benign, but the condition can also be a warning sign of much more severe health issues, which if left untreated, could prove fatal. Snoring is usually the result of:


Health Risks Associated With Snoring

Snoring is not only annoying but can also prove hazardous for your health, both physical and oral, if not treated appropriately. Some of these health problems include:

Xerostomia is a lack of salivary production in the mouth which causes it to dry and in turn triggers various oral health problems, such as bad breath, tooth decay, burning mouth syndrome, gum disease, sores, and infections. Saliva is important for cleansing the mouth as it washes away the food debris, acids, and bacteria. The absence of saliva also encourages the accumulation of dead cells in the mouth which in turns causes a foul smell. Additionally, without saliva, dangerous bacteria in our mouths can grow at a quick rate and result in painful infections and sores.

All these health risks show why you should pay more close attention to your snoring habit and get it fixed without delay. Call us now for more information or book an appointment online.