Dental crowns are placed on your tooth to improve its appearance or to provide support to a damaged or decayed tooth. Placement of a crown is often followed after a root canal treatment. Experiencing sensitivity after getting a new dental crown is quite common, which is associated with inflammation and irritation caused to the surrounding tissue during the procedure. The degree of sensitivity may vary from person-to-person and should resolve on its own within a few days.

Crown sensitivity may occur due to temperature changes, pressure, or even consumption of sweets. While a slight amount of pain, discomfort or sensitivity experienced after receiving a dental crown is normal, it is not something that should be ignored either; especially if it persists for a longer period of time.

Causes for Dental Crown Sensitivity

Teeth Sensitivity


It is important to understand the importance of maintaining adequate oral hygiene, especially with dental crowns. Continue to brush and floss regularly after getting a dental crown procedure to prevent the development of cavities or gum disease. For more details or further queries, get in touch with our expert team at Anoka Dental.