Why Follow the Dentist’s Instructions

The dentist has an important role to play in your life. You need to frequently visit your family dentist for regular dental check-ups. If you do not keep up with your dental appointment, you may face severe oral health issues. You will ultimately have to visit the dentist with some major dental problem that needs treatment. Once your dental treatment is successfully completed, some issues can arise during the recovery phase. There are certain items you need to keep away from, after undergoing a dental treatment. That is why your dentist gives you certain post dental treatment instructions to follow.

Your family dentist will help you answer the following questions-

  • What should be done if your mouth gets infected after the dental treatment?
  • How can you handle any residual pain?
  • For how long should you follow the precautionary measures?

At Anoka Dental, you can find answers to all your above queries with the best family dentists.

Problems That May Occur After Your Visit to the Dentist

·         Bleeding and Infection

Any dental treatment is painful even after its successful completion. So, you should expect some pain for two to three days after the dental procedure. But if the pain continues for more than three days, it could be an infection. You should immediately consult your family dentist to resolve the issue. The other infection that can arise is Osteomyelitis, a bone infection that causes severe pain in your jaw. The symptom of this infection is the high fever. Therefore, never ignore fever after any type of dental procedure and talk to your dentist.

Excessive bleeding is another problem that can arise after a dental procedure. Bleeding during the procedure is common, but it should not continue for hours after that. You should contact a dentist near you for immediate relief.

·         Residual Pain

You might feel little pain after your dental procedure is done and that is quite common too.  A dentist may give you a pain reliever to ease the pain you feel. However, you should only take medicine as prescribed by the dentist. If you are given an antibiotic, make sure you complete the course to avoid any infection. It is usually recommended to take rest for two days before indulging into any physical activity. Any strenuous physical activity might cause the wounds or stitches to open up increasing the risk of infection.

The Dentist’s Tips to Follow during Your Recovery Phase

The most important of all things is to obey the instructions given by your dentist for a quick recovery. Your dentist will give you the following instructions-

  • Taking pain medication on time.
  • When should you start eating and what food is good for you.
  • How often you need to change the bandages.
  • Visiting the dentist for post dental treatment check-up
  • Your dentist may indirectly ask you to stop brushing your teeth for some time. He may ask you to use a mouthwash or salt water to rinse your mouth.

Whatever instructions your dentist gives you, follow them accordingly.

Our dentists understand what’s best for your mouth and offer the best dentistry services. If you plan to get any type of dental treatment or notice any dental related problems contact us.