Family Dentistry: What Are The Major Types Of Dental Implants In The US?

Typs of dental implants in Anoka MN

Family Dentistry – The Basic Information A lot of people believe that general dentistry and family dentistry are interchangeable terms. And although not entirely true, the basics are pretty similar.  Dentists practicing general dentistry are termed “general dentists” and the ones practicing family dentistry are “family dentists”. Both types of dentists have a similar educational […]

Why Is Family Dentistry Important For Oral Health?

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What Is Family Dentistry? If you’ve ever scoped the internet or have had a conversation about dentistry, you’ve probably heard the term “family dentistry”. But what exactly does that mean? It means exactly as it sounds – dentistry, but for your entire family. And yes, it includes dentistry for children, adults, as well as for […]

When is it Safe to Smoke After Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Tooth Extraction procedure model

Tooth extraction is not uncommon. Our third molars, commonly referred to as wisdom teeth, usually erupt between the ages of 16 to 21 years of age. For some, it may even be earlier or later than that. For others, they may never erupt at all. Wisdom teeth are named as such since they are the […]

How To Know When You Need An Emergency Dentist?

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Who Is An Emergency Dentist? An emergency dentist is exactly who it sounds like – a dental practitioner who provides emergency services. There are plenty of times in one’s life where one would find themselves in a situation that requires immediate professional intervention. However, how exactly do you differentiate between a scenario that requires emergency […]

How Long Does A Root Canal Take?

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What Is A Root Canal? Root canals are extensions of the pulp chamber inside the tooth. These extensions run along with the roots of the teeth. While most roots have single root canals, some may have more than one. But in the field of dentistry, a root canal generally refers to the treatment of an […]

Emergency Dentist Near Me: Tips To Follow During A Dental Emergency

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Similar to general health emergencies, a dental emergency can happen at any time. Instead of the last-minute frantic search for an “emergency dentist near me”, this article lists out how to handle a dental emergency. Tips To Follow During A Dental Emergency Ease Your Pain While You Get In Touch With Your Dentist If you […]

Dentist Near Me: How To Find A Good Dental Insurance Plan

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Finding A Dentist Near Me It might seem like an easy task to simply log onto the internet and search for a “dentist near me”. However, how sure are you that the dental office that crops up is worth your time and money? We’re here to talk to you about all the things you need […]

How Do I Find The Best Affordable Dentist Near Me?

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Other than searching the web for “dentist near me”, there are plenty of other ways to make the move to another dental practitioner. And we’re here to guide you on how to do it. Prioritizing your oral health is as important as taking care of your general health. Since issues like gum disease have been […]

Where Can I Find A Local Dentist Near Me?

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If you’re an adult who wants to prioritize their oral health, chances are you’ve surfed the internet with the words “dentist near me”. We all have. Particularly when there’s a dental emergency. But how do you know if the dentist you’re about to go visit is the right fit for you? Additionally, not all dental […]

Tooth Extraction: Everything You Need To Know

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What Is Tooth Extraction? While dentists focus on protecting and restoring the function and appearance of your teeth, some situations warrant the removal of your tooth or teeth. The process of removal of a said tooth from the jaw using surgical tools is termed tooth extraction. While the procedure sounds scary and might induce anxiety […]